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The Heart oil on canvas 50x70 cm , December  2020

The Curtain  oil on canvas 55x80 cm , November  2020

Backsea of Tenedos Island  oil on canvas 50x50 cm ,September 2020

Complex City oil on canvas 60x80 cm , June 2020 

New World in Darkness  oil on canvas 50x70cm , April 2020

Great White hark and The Girl  oil on canvas 15x20 cm , December 2020

Girl in Haydarpasa oil on canvas 30x50 cm ,October 2020

My World V  oil on canvas 80x80 cm , October 2020

Abandoned France  oil on canvas 50x80 cm ,August 2020

Giant Clown  oil on canvas 80x80 cm , May 2020

The Last Trip   oil on canvas 50x80 cm ,February 2020

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