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About me

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Born in Germany in 1974, educated in France (physics) and Turkey (Industrial Engineering).

I have been painting since the LATE 70’s.

I worked as engineer during 15 years.

I am painting for my own  satisfaction , each painting has his historic behind ...


I am passionate for colors, architecture, metaphysics and geometric shapes.

This passion, guides me to transform the two dimensional canvas surface into an expansive three dimensional construct and is reflected in my paintings.


My paintings especially consists of huge architectural structures which are made by "natural materials " and created by intelligent being civilizations different from where wee live at the moment , the earth. 


I was recently selected as Todays Turkish Painter Artists in 2017 by :

and a member of Los Angeles Art Association.

I continue to dream and paint in Los Angeles and Istanbul.

2018 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair participation

2019 Los Angeles Art Fair participation


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  • Instagram Sosyal Simge
  • Twitter Clean
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